The Pig Whisperer

After the amazing day of hiking last Friday, Saturday was rainy and cold, so we laid low. We popped over to the other side of the Coromandel Peninsula (to a town called Whitianga) to check it out, with plans of seeing some of the famous (and presumably beautiful) beaches. To get there, we took a … More The Pig Whisperer


If you’ve got kids, has this ever happened to you? You have an idea of something you believe will be a great experience – or even just something easy and fun – with the kids and then it doesn’t go exactly as planned? Like, it turns out to be terrible? And a horrible idea? Yeah, … More Perfection

Polynesian Learning

Tuesday, I chaperoned Tate’s field trip to the Auckland Museum. It was awesome. I learned so much and didn’t even lose any of the six girls in my group! The class was learning about the journey to New Zealand from Southeast Asia/South China (where NZ ancestry can be traced) and the history and significance of … More Polynesian Learning

What a week(end)!

Last week we lucked out with AMAZING weather – sun, warmth, no rain. It was so beautiful. And SO fun! In chronological order – not ranked by fun or excitement – the first thing that happened to us last week was that Gracie made the Cross Country team! And she’s not really a runner! At … More What a week(end)!

A normal week

It’s been a fun but quiet week here, which is very much like normal life – I’ll take it! Here’s what’s been going on, in no particular order… Year 7 Social. Gracie’s school is having a Year 7 “Social” with St. Peter’s College (a local boys school) where they will dance. So basically she’s going … More A normal week

What a weekend!

So, holy cow, what a weekend! Friday afternoon, Gracie went home with a friend, and I was invited over for some wine. Which was very familiar – that’s been known to happen at home, too, sometimes. Her friends were really cute and their moms were so nice. I LOVED talking to people other than a … More What a weekend!


Big weekend ahead for the Fergutodds, so the recap on Sunday or Monday should be great – here’s what you’ve got to look forward to: Gracie, who’s been walking herself to and from school for a week now, has gone home with a friend from school this afternoon. They took the city bus home (which … More Foreshadowing…