Kathy Goes Quarantine

Well, hey, y’all. It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? How are you faring during the lockdown/social distancing/quarantining situation we find ourselves in? Oof. It’s a lot, isn’t it? I’ve thought about getting rid of this blog, but since my wish of returning to New Zealand to live is still VERY MUCH alive and well, I … More Kathy Goes Quarantine


Kia Ora from the winter! I don’t love it – not gonna lie. We’ve been home for 16 days now, and that time has both flown by and stood still. I imagine that’s pretty normal, trying to deprogram from such an experience?  Leaving Auckland was hard for so many different reasons. First, Auckland. Loved it and … More Reentry

It’s time.

It’s happening. Our epic adventure, the experience of a lifetime, is ending. We’re leaving for the airport in about an hour to begin our luggage transfer (since four Fergutodds AND all the luggage won’t fit in one trip). It still seems surreal and last night, after we’d said goodbye to some dear friends, I found … More It’s time.

A speeding train

Where to start? We leave in less than two weeks (12 days to be exact) and GAH! I can’t even believe it. We’ve still got a LOT to do, but I know this train is speeding at us and there’s no way to stop it. Mom and Dad arrived in Auckland on 19 December, but here … More A speeding train


It’s really happening. The adventure of a lifetime is winding down. On Monday, 11 December, Gracie finished her Year 7 at St. Mary’s. While the first day was rocky (and leaving her with her Dean is etched in my heart, how hard that was) and she never really fell in love with her teachers or … More Endings

T-30 days

So as I’ve lamented here and on the Facebook and IRL (in real life for those of you not in the know on that), our time here is speeding to an end. We still have heaps of adventures coming our way, but we’re wrapping it up. And it makes me SAD, because there has not … More T-30 days