Settling in

Today is Friday, the last day of the first week of school, and I think we’re going to be just fine. Gracie and her gaggle of friends decided to do a Food Sharing event at lunch today. The Kiwi girls are bringing in their favorite foods, and Gracie is bringing in an American delicacy. Since … More Settling in

New Zealand Nesting

So we’ve arrived! About 3 days ago and I’d started one post, but got called away in the middle of it and when I went back to read it just now, it’s already old news – things move fast on the other side of the planet! Not really, but we’ve been crazy busy getting settled. … More New Zealand Nesting

Aloha and Anxiety

Aloha from Waikiki! It’s our last night here in the US, if you can really consider Hawaii the US – it’s so crazy beautiful here and so laid back. We’ve loved the muuuuuch slower pace – so different from our everyday lives back home. On the flight over, I happened to glance down our row … More Aloha and Anxiety

Leaving Columbia

Today, at some point in the day, we will walk out of our home for six months. And move to New Zealand. For six months. I feel like I should have more profound thoughts or more introspection, but honestly, now? I’m ready to go. I’ve been purging the house and packing us up for the … More Leaving Columbia