Polynesian Learning

Tuesday, I chaperoned Tate’s field trip to the Auckland Museum. It was awesome. I learned so much and didn’t even lose any of the six girls in my group! The class was learning about the journey to New Zealand from Southeast Asia/South China (where NZ ancestry can be traced) and the history and significance of … More Polynesian Learning

What a week(end)!

Last week we lucked out with AMAZING weather – sun, warmth, no rain. It was so beautiful. And SO fun! In chronological order – not ranked by fun or excitement – the first thing that happened to us last week was that Gracie made the Cross Country team! And she’s not really a runner! At … More What a week(end)!

A normal week

It’s been a fun but quiet week here, which is very much like normal life – I’ll take it! Here’s what’s been going on, in no particular order… Year 7 Social. Gracie’s school is having a Year 7 “Social” with St. Peter’s College (a local boys school) where they will dance. So basically she’s going … More A normal week

What a weekend!

So, holy cow, what a weekend! Friday afternoon, Gracie went home with a friend, and I was invited over for some wine. Which was very familiar – that’s been known to happen at home, too, sometimes. Her friends were really cute and their moms were so nice. I LOVED talking to people other than a … More What a weekend!


Big weekend ahead for the Fergutodds, so the recap on Sunday or Monday should be great – here’s what you’ve got to look forward to: Gracie, who’s been walking herself to and from school for a week now, has gone home with a friend from school this afternoon. They took the city bus home (which … More Foreshadowing…

Money, money, money

So I had SO MANY things I wanted to write about – the weekend trip to Snowplanet, Sheepworld, walking around the viaduct, Gracie’s cell phone, my new gym, but now I can only think of one thing. Money. I know it’s so crass to talk about money, but here I go… Maybe I’ll get to … More Money, money, money