It’s REALLY happening!

So just two weeks ago we sent our visa applications off to be processed. The website says it could take up to 25 business days to complete. BUT they’re speedy when they’re not bogged down in American government stuff and so on Monday, a mere 13 days after we sent them off, we got them back! It’s REALLY happening! We are seriously going to New Zealand. And as a bonus, my visa says “Holder may work for any employer in any occupation in New Zealand.” What to do, what to do… Our awesome landlord over there (and my new NZBFF) said she’d throw me some freelance writing work, but other than that, I think I just got a work visa to be a great urban explorer! And blogger. Can’t wait.

But in the meantime, I’m learning how to send International Wire Transfers to pay deposits for the girls’ schools, sorting out medical and car insurance while we’re gone, reviewing lease agreements for the girls living our house, arranging for training sessions for the Professor so he’ll be up to speed on all the CrossFit stuff so he can join with me over there, and regular life stuff. I’ve got a mere 10 more days in my office (thankfully spread over the next three weeks) and then it’s full-speed ahead getting us ready. With the girls taking a three-week camp interlude before we leave. So that’s another thing to get organized for.

So fun getting ready for new adventures.

Except it does seem like the end is beginning. Even though we’ll only be gone for six months, we’re still leaving and will have to build a new life over there and say good-bye to our life here for a while. This past Saturday we went to dinner with some friends “before we leave,” and it made me a little sad to think I won’t have these people in my everyday for a while. I am NOT feeling sorry for myself – that would be stupid given our situation. But in the almost-six years that we’ve been in Columbia, we’ve been very lucky and have met amazingly wonderful people who I will miss terribly. It feels a very, very little bit like when we left Atlanta. But that worked out just fine, so we’ll power through these next 75 days (!) and be on to our next great adventure…


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